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Inground Pool Repairs & Pool Renovations in Windsor – Essex County

At Erie Accent Pools & Spas, we have a team of experts with over 25 years of experience that offer inground pool repairs and servicing in Windsor – Essex County.

We can service all aspects of inground pools, including pool liner replacements, filters, pumps, and other pool components such as heaters, steps, stairs, slides, diving boards, covers, etc. If you have an issue with your inground pool pump, our technicians can provide a thorough evaluation of your pump and recommend repairing it, refurbishing it, or replacing it with an affordable new model.

If your inground pool liner has been damaged, we can look for the source of the damage and professionally repair any holes, cracks, or tears. If the liner has been compromised, we can install a new inground pool liner for you.

Spa Repairs

Our technicians offer repair services in Windsor – Essex County for the hot tubs and spas that we sell. Our professional service technicians can make any repairs necessary to spas, including spa packs, salt systems, top side controls, repair heaters, elements, etc. Contact us today if your spa is in need of repair.

Pressure Testing & Leak Tracking

Our team also offers professional pressure testing and leak tracking services to our customers. With this service, we can find out if the inground pool liner is leaking or if there is a break in one of the underground water lines. A pressure test will isolate the underground line that is broken or cracked without having to tear up all of your concrete to find the leak. Before you start digging or taking your pool apart, we highly recommend that you call our expert pool technicians for help with a leak!

Complete Pool Renovations & Upgrades

Complete pool renovations and upgrades are our specialty. Every inground pool that is installed by Erie Accent Pools & Spas is custom designed to meet the needs of our customers. Pool upgrades will also be customized and may include heaters, water features, LED lighting options, salt water pool conversions, deep end and sport pool conversions, clear deck installations, new stair installations, liner replacements, coping and concrete replacement or repairs, and much more.

We have been providing inground pool repairs, spa repairs, and complete pool and spa renovations and upgrades for over 25 years in Windsor–Essex County.

Contact our experienced team today for trusted inground pool and spa services and repairs.