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Computerized Pool and Spa Water Testing & Analysis Services

At Erie Accent Pools & Spas, we proudly offer FREE professional computerized water testing and analysis to our customers in Windsor – Essex County that have purchased an inground pool or spa from us.

When you bring in your pool and spa water samples for our technicians to analyze, we will perform approximately 15 different tests. Once testing is complete and if your water needs to be treated, we will provide you with the proper solutions to get you back to swimming in your inground pool or spa quickly and safely.

Leave the water balancing to the experts!

Our certified pool technicians can help you take the guesswork out of maintaining clean and clear pool and spa water and ensure that it’s always safe for swimming. Our professional water analysis can also help you fix a problem with your pool or spa water, such as staining or scaling, harmful algae buildup, and cloudy water. They can assist you weekly or monthly with keeping your pool and spa water balanced and sanitized with the correct combination of chemicals.

Bringing your water sample in to the experts at Erie Accent Pools & Spas can help prevent future pool or spa issues with filtration, alkalinity, PH levels, chlorine levels, calcium hardness, etc.

Our experts will help prevent problems by recommending the appropriate chemicals to fix imbalanced water in your pool or spa.

Our team strongly believes that an ounce of preventative maintenance goes a long way when it comes to the proper use and care of inground pools or spas. We highly recommend having our technicians develop a weekly or monthly plan that will extend the life of your inground pool or spa.

We’ve been taking care of pools and spas for over 25 years!

Contact us today and ask about our affordable inground pool and spa maintenance plans for our customers in Windsor–Essex County.