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Pool Opening & Pool Closing Services in Windsor – Essex County

At Erie Accent Pools & Spas Inc., we offer professional quality pool opening and pool closing services to our customers in Windsor and Essex County, Ontario.

For our spa customers, we offer hot tub or spa maintenance services that include opening and closing of spas. Our experienced pool team has been opening and closing pools and spas in Windsor – Essex County since 1998. We are experts in the pool and spa industry and have extensive knowledge when it comes to properly caring for your pool and spa investment.

For customers looking to purchase a new inground pool or hot tub, we can also provide estimates and additional information about our inground pool and spa design, installation, and maintenance services.

The best step you can take in extending the life and enjoyment of your inground pool or spa is choosing our expert opening and closing services this season.

Our Pool Opening Services in Windsor – Essex County Include:

  • Pump water and debris off the pool cover
  • Clean, remove, fold and store the pool cover as per manufacturers directions
  • Brush down liner, remove winterizing plugs
  • Re-install pool fittings
  • Install other pool components (ladders, diving boards, slides, etc.)
  • Connect and start the pool pump and filter for water circulation
  • Add pool chemicals for opening (shock, algaecide, etc.)

Our Pool Closing Services in Windsor – Essex County Include:

  • Pump water out of the pool and below the jets
  • Remove pool fittings
  • Blow out lines to remove any remaining water
  • Add non-toxic antifreeze to the water lines
  • Install winterizing plus
  • Winterize equipment and remove pool components (ladders, diving boards, slides, etc.)
  • Add pool chemicals for closing (shock, algaecide, etc.)
  • Install and secure the winter cover

Our Professional Hot Tub / Spa Maintenance Services Include Opening and Closing of Spas:

  • For opening the hot tub or spa, we will connect fittings, clean the spa, fill the spa with water, and get the spa running, ensuring that all equipment is attached and functioning properly
  • For closing the hot tub or spa, we drain and clean the spa, blow out the lines, add non-toxic antifreeze to the lines, and cover the spa
  • We also provide professional water testing and analysis for our customers’ spas

It is never too early to plan for the season in Windsor – Essex County. Our pool maintenance schedule fills up quickly, but we will do our best to accommodate every customer’s request.

Book your pool opening or pool closing service with us today.